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Companies are tackling colossal challenges and projects involved to reindustrialize and adapt to a changing marketplace
that we address as consultants.


Our team of consultants and experts offer supply chain planning implementation and execution which aims to improve or deploy a system to place accurate orders, manage by exception, avoid shortages, and run “what-if” scenarios to prepare for unforeseen changes and disruptions. Our tailored approach is designed to enhance or deploy systems that facilitate accurate order placement, exception management, shortage avoidance, and proactive “what-if” scenario planning to prepare for unforeseen changes and disruptions.

Key advantages of our offer include the ability to increase supply chain agility by promptly responding to demand and supply disruptions with custom alerts and scenario-based plans, ensuring end-to-end inventory visibility across locations, and mitigating demand shortages by realigning your constrained supply network to prioritize demand. Our methodology is rooted in the Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) process and Dynamic Demand-Driven MRP (DDMRP), effectively reducing stock coverage through strategic implementation. By partnering with us, your organization can navigate the complexities of the modern business landscape with a resilient and agile supply chain, ultimately achieving sustained success. We provide supply chain training, DDMRP supply chain management coursebased on the management of the supply chain by the demand


At Citwell, we understand the need to minimize environmental impact at all ends of the supply chain. By adopting eco-friendly practices and reducing resource consumption, we are proactively implementing and collaborating with our clients to move one step closer to a circular supply chain.
Social sustainability is about identifying and managing business impacts, both positive and negative, on people. The quality of a company’s relationships and engagement with its stakeholders is critical. Directly or indirectly, companies affect what happens to employees, workers in the value chain, customers and local communities, and it is important to manage impacts proactively, and addressing ethical considerations, such as fair labor practices and community engagement. 


As companies begin to shift their global reach and supplier network, Citwell recognizes the importance of relationships between suppliers. Our consultants are trained and certified in change management to assist in structuring information flows and processes for clear communication, fair negotiation and mutual trust build a strong foundation. Maintaining transparency in transactions and expectations fosters a healthy partnership, where Citwell can support through regular assessments of supplier performance ensure reliability, quality and supply chain optimization.


At the heart of any manufacturing or production process, flows drive and determine a company’s success and performance. By balancing information, materials, and financials, stakeholders can realize true profits from lasting developments and improvements. Streamlining industrial operations processes to enhance efficiency, Identifying bottlenecks, minimizing unnecessary steps and leveraging technology can improve workflows and increase productivityperformance of industries. Continuous evaluation and adaptation to changing circumstances contribute to sustained optimization, by an agile transformation roadmap with the aim of reducing lead time and improving cash to cash cycleIn the language of OEE that means 100% Quality (only Good Parts), 100% Performance (as fast as possible), and 100% Availability (no Stop Time). Our team at Citwelll is fully experienced in diagnosing pain points blocking the optimal flow of any business or system. 


Citwell consultants are well versed and pursue the acceleration of growth, leading our team to being known as “multi-specialists”. One foundation of this is the business philosophy focused on continuous improvement and efficiency in operations, involving optimizing processes, reducing waste, inventory levels and operating expenses and enhancing overall performance to deliver high-quality products or service rate. In fulfilling this stake, we offer multiple leaders trained and certified in Lean, Six Sigma, and other operational excellence methodologies. Key components include strategic planning, employee involvement, innovation and a commitment to customer satisfaction. It requires a culture of continuous learning and adaptation to ensure long-term success.


As a management consulting company, we orchestrate the end-to-end supply chain process: procurement, sourcing and evaluating suppliers, negotiating contracts, and ensuring quality and timely delivery.  Our goal is to achieve the right balance between availability and cost efficiency, build strong partnerships, foster collaboration, and drive continuous improvement across the supply chain. If you are looking for supply chain consultants, we work in a myriad of industries/sectors across the globe to facilitate sustainable improvements to your business.

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